How ‘Tweet’ is a Victory Bought?

My good friend and general smartypants Sheri recently wrote on a topic that is near and dear—something we saw happen firsthand and were mutually offended by. We share the sentiment that it’s ludicrous to pay for Twitter followers, and I applaud her for taking the initiative to publicize the why’s and the what’s. Here’s hoping that more smart marketers share their thoughts on the bastardization of the authentic community model and, quite simply, keep it real. The thought of ill-informed ‘social media gurus’ advising this quick fix to clients makes my stomach turn. The following is an excerpt from another article on the topic.

A smaller community of people you know is worth more than thousands of random people you don’t know. Don’t be lured into the ‘instant community’ trap. They are not your community, they’re random people. Spend real time building your followers on Twitter for the best results. Buying your followers is a terrible idea – don’t do it!”

Another fun quote by an anonymous source states:

"I don’t know how you can be proud of your ‘success’ when you bought it. That’s like the guy who gets laid for for the first time, brags about it, and then everyone finds out he hired a hooker."

Have you heard of Nowness?

A coworker recently asked if I had heard of a site called Nowness. Alas, as much as I hate to admit when I’m not on top of all things in the artsier areas of the internets, I had not.

I have yet to explore the site fully, but here’s what I know right now.

Nowness fancies itself a “Luxury Storyteller”. What does that mean? It seems Nowness is working to keeping you and yours abreast of the goings on in the world of extravagance and luxury whilst learning about your tastes and, perhaps, impacting your buying habits. Did I mention that they’re owned by the group LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton?

The good: Their content appears to be unique, updated daily and includes a lot of exclusive video.

The bad: A lot of the content I’ve read so far is extremely one dimensional and, in my humble opinion, is perpetuating a culture that places more importance on the guy who developed an exclusive line of Jade nail varnish for Channel than he who aided in progressing society. Yes, that is an actual example. And speaking of examples, I wanted to work one in about this article on the Westminster Kennel Club Pageant (yes, seriously), but just mentioning it speaks for itself. Further, from a design perspective, their site and Facebook entity are typographic atrocities, employing 4 different faces and as many fonts from each family as they have. Further design violations include inconsistent photography, typographic imagery that is poorly optimized and content that is oversized and makes browsing a slow, cumbersome process.

All this said, I think it’s apparent that I’m massively fascinated by this site and since they have over 40,000 friends on Facebook, it’s probably worth a closer look. Upon initial inspection, however, it feels like a venue for amateur folks who fancy themselves art and design authorities to flash their bling and spew comments like “pinterest is just too pedestrian; filter my inspiration by exorbitant price point and pretentious contributor, sil vous plait.”

That is all.